Askrigg Bank

A former Kendal MRC Layout

Askrigg at Gateshead

Askrigg Bank represented a section of yet another 'might have been', the Lancaster and Durham Railway which opened in 1854 between Lancaster and Richmond, and eventually connected with other lines at Ingleton, Hawes and Bowes. The line was eventually taken over jointly by the North Eastern and London and North Western Railways, with the Midland Railway enjoying running powers. The section of line that was modelled represented the 1 in 40 bank up the northern flank of Wensleydale. The line leaves Helm Tunnel, crossing Whitfield Gill Viaduct as it climbs to the station at Askrigg Road, and then dives into Askrigg Common Tunnel to reach Swaledale. The line carried heavy traffic of both freight and passenger across the northern Pennines. Many of the trains up Askrigg Bank frequently required the services of either bankers or pilots. In addition the line's location made it a favoured route for abnormal loads which sometimes would be seen traversing the line.


Here is a selection of pictures of Askrigg Bank

An LMS Beyer Barratt hauling over 40 empty mineral wagons leaves Helm Tunnel as it climes up the 1 in 40 the gradient over Whitfield Gill Viaduct.
While a LMS local train makes its booked station stop at Askrigg Road a long freight recesses in the loop to have its brakes pinned down ready to descend the 1 in 40 gradient.
A pick up good descends the 1 in 40 gradient.
Here is Askrigg Bank at it's final show before retirement at the Warley show in the NEC in 2009. On this occasion Askrigg was a demo stand as we demonstrated putting the layout up on Saturday and then taking it down on Sunday afternoon. This was to show people what goes on behind the scenes on the layout and to give them an idea of what happens before and after an exhibition.
Here we see the main lower fiddle yard and on the right side the middle level tracks which fed the top fiddle yard. All of this had scenic boards on top of it with the station on and until this demo that we did at the Warley show in 2009 the only people who ever really saw the layout like this were fellow exhibitors during set up and knock down at a show.

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