Canalside Ironworks

A layout from one of our member's

Canalside Ironworks is a purely fictious location, supposedly somewhere in deepest Derbyshire but could be from any industrial location in England around the 1920/30s period. The actual layout is modelled in a rather obscure scale for model railways of 1/50th which equates to 6mm = 1 foot of reality. There are very few commercially period model railway items available in the scale so virtually everything you see before you has been either kit adapted or scratch-built. The track gauge is 9mm between the rails and the loco motors/chassis are commercially produced N mechanisms.


The layout has been confirmed as appearing at the following exhibitions

29th-30th July 2017
RailEx NE - Newcastle Upon Tyne
16th-17th September 2017
18th-19th November 2017
Solrail - Workington
10th March 2018
Newton Aycliffe
17th-18th March 2018
Perth Green Model Railway Club (Jarrow)
1st-2nd September 2018
13th-14th October 2018
9th-10th March 2019


Here is a selection of pictures of the Layout


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