A layout we currently have under construction.

Dalehead Layout Plan

Dalehead is a fictional secondary route being modelled in the upper Wharfedale area north of Grassington and Kilnsey around Buckden.
Being modelled in 4mm/1ft OO gauge it is a multi level layout with all round viewing and features methods of constructions which are new to us.
Please keep watching this page as we will try and keep it up to date with pictures of the layout progressing.


Latest progress:

Road bridge at the station

This picture taken from the public side of the layout shows the progress of the road bridge at the right hand end of the station with the associated roads and scenery taking shape (mid June 2012).


Here are a selection of pictures showing the progress of Layout

We have split the pictures up into sections to try and make it easier for you to understand what's going.


Bottom Section

Bottom Section

Picture 1
Shows the board under construction where the different levels of the down (outer line) and up (inner line) storage yards come together before heading out into the scenic section at the lower part of the layout. This board also forms the corner of the layout under the quarry scene. Picture 3 shows this board in a more completed state.

Picture 3
Shows the board from picture 1 almost complete and offered up to it's partners to check for fit.
This picture show the two levels of the lower part storage yards coming together as they turn the corner to the left before the scenic boards.

Picture 4
With some of the hand built coper-clad track of the storage roads now in situ this view shows the split of the down storage yard (nearest the camera) from the up storage yard. The gap between the fiddle yards is for access as bearing in mind that there's still two levels still to go on top of this.



Pictures 5 to 12
Here we have various pictures which shows board 3 under construction from a bare frame on legs to a virtually completed baseboard.
Board 3 is where the split lower part of the storage yard comes together albeit still at different levels.

Picture 13
With board 3 at the very bottom of the picture this shot looks down the access gap between the two storage yards with the up line (inner) on the right but now this shows some of the mid level boards in situ.
The line on the far left which come down from the mid level is for use by special abnormal load trains which run wrong line.

Picture 14
Shows the lower storage yard board which will have the exit point work on just after completion of construction. The board piggyback's off the next board.
What looks like a ski ramp on the back left of the board is the entrance/exit to the pilot loco storage sidings.

Picture 15
Is the view along the lower part of the down (outer) storage yard where the entrance point work is under construction in this picture.

Pictures 16 & 17
Shows the entrance and exit to lower part of the storage yard under construction.
The board in picture 14 is still waiting its top and legs.

Pictures 18 & 19
These two pictures show the lower level storage yard with the mid level storage yard in place above.
The two lines that are on what looks like a separate shelf are the two pilot loco storage sidings with the banker loco return and the start of one of the return loop lines running below.



Middle Section

Picture 1
This show the split of the up line (inner) and down line (outer) mid level storage yards as they curve in over the lower level fiddle yards. The beginning of the upper level scenic boards starts to take shape in the top right of the shot.

Picture 2
One of the frames of a mid level board in position over one of the lower level boards during construction.
Picture 3
One of the frames of a mid level board in position over one of the lower level boards during construction showing the ladder type construction of the frame.
Picture 4
One of the frames of a mid level board in position over one of the lower level boards during construction showing the ladder type construction of the frame.
The uprights the mid level board frame is standing on are removable and will flat on the board during transit to save space.
Picture 5
Shows the up (inner) storage yard in position over the lower storage yard, viewed from the the operating space in the centre of the layout.
Picture 6
This view shows the mid level storage yard in position over the lower storage yard and also some of the upper level scenic boards at the top of the picture.
The empty carcass of the main control panel is attached to the layout ready for the aluminium tops to go on and wiring to start
Picture 7
Shows another mid level baseboard frame take shape over the bottom level baseboard. The shelf below is the pilot loco storage roads with the banker return road and return loop running below.
The pilot roads are raised up for operator visibility.
Picture 8
The mid level storage yard of the up line (inner) in position as track laying begins.


Scenic (Top) Section

Picture 1
The first top level scenic board starts to take shape. The square area will be the quarry loading point and the curved track bed will form the branch line head shunt under the hillside.
Picture 2
The scenic boards in the quarry loading point corner take shape.
Picture 3
Track laying on the branch line hidden track starts. Branch line trains propel from the branch line fiddle yard along the line being built through the baseboard member into the head shunt and appear on the track to the left.
Picture 4
Shows more scenic boards taking shape. The trackbed curving in from the right is the mainline. The single track boards that are curving round below the scenic boards are the mineral unloading lines.
Picture 5
Shows the branch line tunnel mouth take shape with scenic boards in various states of construction with the storage yards below.
Picture 6
Shows the track and point work of the branch head shunt under construction. The line in from the left comes from the branch line fiddle yard and the line curving to the right is the branch line as it heads out onto the scenic section.
Picture 7
The view from inside the layout looking through the branch line tunnel mouth with the line from the branch fiddle yard coming in from the left.
Picture 8
With some of the scenery already started the line to the branch fiddle yard which is out of shot to the left runs inside the scenic boards with the trackbed of the mainline to the left.
Picture 9
At the top of the picture is the track bed of mainline with the station and quarry exchange sidings to the left. The line to the quarry crosses the river below by a viaduct which is yet to be built to the quarry loading point which is a the bottom of the picture.
Picture 10
The beck running down off the fell over solid rock.
Picture 11
The beck runs down under the road bridge.
Picture 12
A small stream runs down off the fell and under the road and into the beck.
Picture 13
The solid rock river bed.
Picture 14
The road bridge before the solid rock river bed was built.
Picture 15
Road cross the beck.
Picture 16
With the mainline and the exchange sidings on the left the scenery in the quarry loading point corner progresses.
Picture 17
Wiring of the main control panel continues.
Picture 18
The lower and mid level storage yards visible below the bare baseboards of the station and exchange sidings.
Picture 19
View down the access gap between the storage yards and down station and exchange sidings to the quarry loading point.
Picture 20
The view from the operating area of the control panel, lower storage yard, upper storage yard and the bare frames of the scenic upper boards of the station
Picture 21
The view from the operating area of the upper level boards which have the scenic section of the mainline and branch line at the front with the branch line fiddle yard at the back nearest the camera.
Picture 22
Baseboards ready for scenery to start. From left to right the mainline rising at 1 in 40, branch line and the branch line fiddle yard.
Picture 23
The view of the baseboards from picture 22 but viewed from the public side.
Picture 24
The branch line on the left running on the scenic section with line from the branch line fiddle yard running through the baseboard members on the right.
Picture 25
The branch line tunnel mouth is put into check for fit.
Picture 26
The baseboard frame which includes the supports for the viaduct take shape.
Picture 27
Work on the riverbed continues.

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