A class 25 waits in the loop on Scorbiton Viaduct with a train of UK Fertiliser vans.

Scorbiton has been modelled as a medium sized town situated on the banks of the River Severn. The town was originally approached by rail on a masonry viaduct across the Severn gorge, but as the town and railways grew further viaducts were built to take the increased traffic and the line was extended through the town.
The layout is modelled in 4mm/ft scale OO gauge in the early 1980s, in the period when sectorisation was beginning to happen, but before privatisation had been considered.

Scorbiton was awarded the Railway Modeller Trophy at the Warley National Exhibition in 2013.

Scorbiton featured as railway of the month in the June 2015 issue of the Railway Modeller (volume 66 No776). There was also a follow up article about the building of the town scene in the July 2015 issue of the Railway Modeller (volume 66 No777).

Scorbiton Layout Plan


Scorbiton has been confirmed as appearing at the following exhibitions

March 2018
Perth Green Click here for info
October 2018
Wigan Click here for info


Here is a selection of pictures of Scorbiton

A JCB fills into the old canal basin with rubble from the old brewery.
The demolition company's crane is about to take down some more of the brewery's iron work.
Part of the busy Scorbiton town centre.
Part of the Canal Water Brewery which is next in line for being demolished.
As a class 47 with a speedlink wagonload service waits in the loop while 33211 approaches Scorbiton station with a Crewe bound stopping train.
A class 25 passes the partly demolished brewery as it arrives into the loop with a train of vans on an M.O.D. working.
A class 47 rounds the curve through Scorbiton station with a trunk Speedlink woking as a 150 rests in the bay platform.
As a narrowboat glides into the top lock as pair of class 20s thrash round the curve on the approach to Scorbiton station with loaded ballast train.
A class 56 waits in the loop with a fully laden train of steel slabs.

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